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Monday, 4 May 2015

Small Haul

Another week, another post.

As I have gone shopping during the... good-Easter weekend, I did get some stuff.

So first I got a blue denim shirt from Bluenotes because I have been wanting a denim shirt (yeah I don't have one). I saw this was on sale so I was like, "why not?".
I payed $10.99 + tax as it was on %50 sale
Bluenotes is still having the %50 off sale/clearance items so grab what you can!

I went around Forever 21, H&M, and Aeropostale but I didn't find anything I wanted. I also am trying to save up right now so, yeah.

I did end up going to Walmart since it was Easter soon so I picked up some Cadbury Mini Eggs and Creme Egg since they are like cheap! (considering how small they are).
Too bad I don''t have a photo, I ate them before I could even.

After Walmart I did go to eat, so since I had a coupon for Harvey, I got a burger combo
Veggie burger
side: Fries

Before I left I went to Ardene since they always have like 2-5 accessory items for $10.

I got a medium brown and large black hair donut, a red plaid scrunchie, and my favourite, a blue wire headwrap.

Sunday, 12 April 2015

K-pop: SR15B

SR15B, SM Ent.'s new rookie team set to debut, soon.

So as promised from last week, this week's post will be about the pre-debut boy group from SM Ent., SR15B.

Some Needed Information
So before we actual get into who/what/where/stalker/how/why they are, here is some information on SM Ent. need project, SMROOKIES.

So SMROOKIES are SM Ent. new group of trainees ranging from 12-20+ that will be shown to the public through videos, photos, and other little events set by SM. Of course this is just a group from SM's whole set of trainees but these are probably ones that are confirmed to debut in the future unless otherwise. You can check out more about them over at their website,

NOTE: I saw new only cause they have been peaking up more interest lately but such project has been shown since the end of 2013, and has slowly added more people in on it with other big showcases.

From the project, a girl group has already debuted, Red Velvet, with three girls that had been in on the project and a secret trainee that was not revealed. Recently a new member also joined the group that was from the SMROOKIES. You can check out the girls in their latest music video, Ice Cream Cake.

Now back to the main post...

Without further adieu, I present to SR15B
Well not all of them.

SR15B is a section/division of boys from SMROOKIES ranging from 18-20+. There are about 6-7 members, with some hidden members. As this is only a section that seems to be of the 'older age', not all members are comfirmed to debut in the group. 
Here are each member with some info that have been shown to the public:

TAE YONG                                                                                    Speciality: Rap                               Blood type: O                            DOB: 1995-07-01                        City: SEOUL, KOREA      

JAE HYUN                              Speciality: Rap, Piano                           Blood type: A                                      DOB: 1997-02-14                                  City: SEOUL, KOREA

HAN SOL                    Speciality: Dance                        Blood type: AB                              DOB: 1994-11-21                          City: BUSAN, KOREA

YUTA                                                                                  Speciality: Dance, Korean, Soccer                                                                     Blood type: A                                                                                                        DOB: 1995-10-26                                                                                                   City: OSAKA, JAPAN

JOHNNY                                  Speciality: Dance, Piano, Bilingual in Korean and English                                           Blood type: B                                                                                                       DOB: 1995-02-0                                                                                                  City: CHICAGO, USA
TEN                               Speciality: Dance, Guitar, Bilingual in Thai and English                       Blood type: A                              DOB: 1996-02-27                         City: BANGKOK, THAILAND
DO YOUNG                       Speciality: Flute                           Blood type: B                                DOB: 1996-02-01                              City: SEOUL, KOREA

Including two hidden members at this point:


Taeyong has a short video showcasing his rapping as he will be the rapper of the group:

Taeyong, Hansol, and Johnny have a short video of them showcasing dancing:
Along with another video which I LUV including Taeyong, Jaehyun, Hansol, Yuta Johnny and Ten: 

Jaehyn and Doyoung are hosting for Show Champion, so you can check them out along with backstage videos:

My Thoughts/Opinions/What Nots
Anyways most people have been picking bias over Taeyong (most as in what I see in comments and other posts), but as for me my bias is Doyoung, so take Taeyong you can have him, but Doyoungie is mine.
As it seems, I believe they all would end up debuting, since the have been shown to the public so much already that I can't see them leaving, I mean even for YG under demand, even though Team B lost in Who is Next: WIN (group battle for debut), they are still planning to debut them. They also have two of them hosting, from that they are already gaining many fans, you can even see signs from fans in the crowd for them(well SMROOKIES signs but you get the point).
For now I am supporting them and do hope they debut, of course they have been having some mean rumours and past stuff come up (do the research yourself) but they don't seem to be too bad, like something that won't effect them much. 
Of course there are other trainees in SMROOKIES but they are younger so, it is nice that SM is keeping them for now as it would let them experience more before debuting at a young age and having stress possibly from media. Many people as well as I are worried since this means they could be effected by the media before they debut since this would be judged by the public as a past. But I think they can handle it at there age so, FIGHTING!

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Update: Bring on Spring

Heyyyy, updating...


So it's march, and I'm in Canada, and it's still snowing-ish (it's cold basically).
Since its weekly posting time, I'll update on a few things, and talking about whats going on in ma life.

New post-to bring on the spring
yeah I still listen to K-pop and recently what I have gotten into is SM15B.

-SM15B: SM ent.'s new pre-debut team, SMROOKIES - specifically SM Rookies 2015 Boys-

I didn't pay much attention to them at the beginning but recently, SM released a dance video featuring 6 of the older trainees and I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT. From the dancing, to their looks, I loved it. Especially the music, I'm even listening to it now. Of course most people are picking Taeyong as their bias, but for me my bias is Doyoung, who hasn't been feature but is hosting for Show champion along side Jaehyun. I'll talk more about them in next week's post.

Anyways I've been looking in on them and the stuff they been doing, been loving Taeyong's Open the Door, SM14B super moon, and SM15B Bassbot.

SMROOKIES if you want to find out more.

I've got a couple of assignments to finish, while the cold still bothers me. I haven't got time to go shopping for stuff that I have been eyeing, but I hope I do soon.
April Fool's is coming up, and so is Easter. I'm not sure what to do on those days, but something might come in mind soon. (2 day early typing, Happy April Fools' Day ^_^)

There's Good Friday and Easter Monday which means...
Definitly gonna go shopping, and hope the weather gets even better. 

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Product Review: Cat Headband


Yay my first review (.-. straight face irl like lols).
Cat Ear Headband
All right, let's go straight to it. So somewhere around late February I ordered a cat headband from eBay. I had been eyeing it for a while now, and since it was almost my birthday i was like, "why not?". and so here it is (photos around post, but not actually here<).

On eBay it was called:
(long name right :/)
I had purchased this off of honest-merchant27 for C $1.83(+ tax)(free shipping)
On the page you could choose between
colour of headband: golden/silver
style of embellishment: rhinestone/pearl

I had picked for a golden headband w/pearls since it seemed more 'adorably-kawaii-cute', and seemed more elegant... maybe. I didn't really give any thought on when or where I would wear this (aside from Halloween and other dress up events), but I already paid so, let's just wait.

(just checked) So I had purchased this on February 21, and it arrived on March 18 (a day before the actually estimated date!). So in about 4 weeks it arrived in the mail (as this doesn't cost much and is small.).
This was from China, so delivery time is an OK for me.
(Economy shipping)

The headband came packaged in order of opening:
plastic shipping bag - sticky fold
folded thin packing foam sheet - sticker tape
plastic typical packaging - sticky flap

The item didn't get destroyed in delivery as i was worried since it was rather small and thin.
For the shipping bag I had to cut it since I couldn't peel the actually flap (weak me) so that's good,
nothing seemed out of place and the headband was perfectly secured.

as you notice the headband itself is a little crooked so that's kind of sad for me, as I do feel OCD. But it doesn't get noticed so it isn't much of a bother.

Considering its made of possible metal, overtime it would stretch. Now I have a big head so this is a little tight but it being metal will stretch.

The actual assembly of the pieces is actually quite good as I noticed that there are marks of melted metal on the back/inside part of the headband. This would mean that they were heated and melted to stick instead of glue (same for the pearls).

I didn't really look at the photo much, so i didn't expect the pearls to be a large-small pattern and I actually quite like it since it gives more shape.

Otherwise anything about the spacing I won't be too concerned about as it doesn't really get noticed and I'm not bothered by it.

Packaging: 9/10
Item: 8/10
Recommend: Yes

Since April Fools' and Easter is coming up, I might decide to wear them then at school and try not to feel like a weirdo as I don't have rabbit ears.

Monday, 16 March 2015

March Break Update + Late Birthday Post


Yeah, I know its been a while (Anyone?).

March Break Update

So its March Break (in certain parts of the world at least-Canada-).
For those that don't know, March Break = Spring Break in March, a vacational break for a week in the education system. So since its March Break I thought about saying hi. 
Anyways I know I say this every single time, but seriously I mean it this time.
I'm gonna try to post something every week, probably fashion or life stuff (lifestyle?) since the weather is getting warming in Canada (finally - yes there was snow still in March-).

Side note, it was my birthday yesterday.
So basically, I'm 15 now. Yay!
Of course nothing has happened aside from the usually family birthday dinner and red pocket money (I'm Chinese so this is the Asian gift)
I also recently ordered my cat headband so that's something I'm excited about, will review (btw, got it from eBay, for $2 something!1!). 
I Also have a new post up on Polyvore so check it out.

Once i can get a good camera, I might start youtube, maybe.

Still don't have much to talk about, will be back next week ,bye.

Sunday, 28 December 2014



Check out outfits and other items including at:

Book of Mad Hatter
Book of Mad Hatter

Book of the White Rabbit

Book of the White Rabbit

Book of Alice
Book of Alice

Thank you for looking at The Book of Wonderland Series
See you soon and stay tuned for more

Saturday, 27 December 2014



Check out outfits and other items including at:

Book of the Chesire Cat
Book of the Cheshire Cat

Book of the Cheshire Cat by misukiu 

Book of the Dormouse
Book of The Dormouse

Book of The Red Queen
Book of The Red Queen

Friday, 26 December 2014


*Disclaimer: Intentionally supposed to posted this on Christmas, but got busy and tired after I got home. Still gonna call it a Christmas special though*


I'm back, I'm back. Yes I'm back. School is on Holiday stop right now so i have time to post. sort of. Since i am one lazy ball of a person, I'm writing this last minute. Literally last minute cause I was supposed o post this on Christmas but I got lazy and tired and now I'm posting it in the morning of Boxing Day. On the topic of Boxing Day, this post is what its kind of about.

So, I have some explaining to do. 
Back in the Halloween time, I was supposed to post the Book of Wonderland Series. Well, school caught me and so did laziness and tiredness which lead to today. I was stuck on finishing one of the characters and so i left it till now. I have finally completed that one character so...

For the following week I will be posting the Books(characters)three per day until the end of this weekend!!!

To start off:
Book of Playing Cards

Book of Playing Cards

Book of the March Hare

Book of the March Hare

Book of Absolem

Book of Absolem

Be sure to check out my Polyvore and other post on my blog:misukiu

Monday, 6 October 2014

Nuit Blanche, Toronto

October 4, 2014 was a show on the streets presented by Scotiabank. Downtown Toronto, Ontario was the light of the night.

So yeah, since I don't live downtown we (my family and I) took the subway. It's not much of an exciting journey but hey, I rarely take the subway so it's always a journey for me.

6:00 pm
So we arrived pretty early and we were hungry so we decided to eat at Eaton Centre (large shopping mall for those wondering).

8:30 pm

As we were walking on the streets (streets closed for today) we heard music and stumbled on this 'corner store'. 8-Eleven. Should I say anymore. My mom was wondering where everyone went after they went in as no one came out. Since the line was short we decided to go in too. As we expected it was a show on art. If I remember correctly the creator decided to rent the corner store and make it his own fun. When it was over, we left through the alleyway. So that's where everyone went.

Made in china                                                                        Walkin' on the red carpet flag at Fort York

Between The Doors
It was like a rating on who chose what most. With different doors representing different choices in life. As you enter one, there are even more. I wanted to go try but the line was too long and the wait would probably be long too. >>>

What the WTF is that?!?
Gigantic Kaleidoscope 

9:47 pm
Tim Horton's Hot chocolate anyone? Its cold outside.
(no pic sorry, just wanted to be warm)

And so the night ends for us.

Sunday, 14 September 2014

How School Feels (Entry #1)

September 14 , 2014

Hello people.
how's your day?
Mines has been okay. Since school has been going on these past weeks I've been slightly busy. During other days I'm too lazy to just go on my computer to type, so, sorry.
Anyways if I get bored and I feel like typing and I don't have anything to to type I decided that I'll just make something like journal entries, so at least I'll be posting for you guys.

Anyways school has been going great for me. Since its still the beginning, nothing much has happened so far. A few new friends, bits and pieces of new stuff to learn, food, and the joy of old friends. I missed my friends a lot since I was bored during the summer. Now that I get to see them again, I'm not as bored as I was before. old laughs, fun adventures, and interesting stories. Since this is a journal entry and I get to write whatever I want (kind of), I did, and I don't have much to write about anymore. so that's it.

See you guys next time, either on another entry or another post about something.

Thursday, 4 September 2014


School Update

So school has started this week for alot of people(still going to school) and so have I (note: started last week so second week for me).
So this post is to inform you that I will try to post once every week, if not every other. I hope school has also been going well for you guys. Its been great for me. This is starting to feel like a letter now.

Moving on
During this month i'll be working on school stuff (like usual) but I will also be making cards for my friends. I'll be sure to show you guys the process. anyways thats all for today. BYE

book of Wonderland will be up in October, possibly around Halloween.